Thursday, October 02, 2008

Saying What Needs to Be Said

Please. PLEASE! Watch this video...

Amen, brother! Speak the Truth. That is the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka laying it down about racism in the electorate at the Steelworker's Union gathering recently. This is the discussion that needs to take place within the labor movement, among the working-class and across the country.

Now, the most important part: send this link to EVERYONE you know in a battleground state, particularly Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, etc. PLEASE.

For good measure, here he is defeding Obama's infamous "bitter" comment and explaining why, "Hell Yes!" working-class America is angry:

Someone should get this guy some 527 money, make an ad and air it in every battle ground state. Someone should pony up the money and get this guy in front of as many working-class audiences as possible between now and election day.

Please pass this along...

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