Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ralph Stanley Comes Out Strong for Barack Obama!

Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley has cut a radio ad for Barack Obama that is playing in Virginia. Take a listen. This is great! The Obama folks should get this thing up throughout Appalachia, in VA, WV, NC, TN, OH, KY, PA, etc.

People are really hurting in Appalachia. Christy Hardin Smith, over at Firedoglake, quotes Mudcat Saunders (of all people), saying, "The Democrats don't come here [to rural America] and campaign, because they don't think they can win here. The Republicans don't come here and campaign because they take the votes for granted on cultural issues. What happens is there's no debate over rural America, and who gets hurt? Rural America...." and then goes on to write in her own voice, "What most folks around here want to know is two things: (1) Are you one of us? and (2) Are our issues and concerns important to you? We run on retail politics, and that means shaking hands and looking folks in the eye so they can take your measure. But a good surrogate can work wonders, and that Ralph Stanley ad is brilliant."

And, for good measure, here is WV's largest newspaper's endorsement of Obama!

If you know of any white folks out there that SHOULD be voting for Obama but can't get over the racial chasm, particularly in these battleground states, please send them this advertisement from Dr. Stanley. No one has as much cred among working white families as him...

And, just for the heck of it, here is Dr. Stanley jamming in his heyday with Pete Seeger looking on in awe:

Here's another, just because Stanley is so darn awesome:

I had the great fortune to see Stanley at the Bonnaroo music festival in 2007. He still has it!


  1. That's sorry as heck. I'll burn all his CD's and never buy another one. Obahma for Pres!!! what a joke. Stanley's a traitor!!!

  2. Why does supporting a political candidate from a major political party using your American right to choose and vote for whomever you wish make someone a traitor? It's okay not to agree with his decision, but traitor? Come on!

  3. Well, as always, online, it is hard to tell if someone is just messing with you or being serious. If "Chris" is being a snark, please take it elsewhere... perhaps to your nearest Sarah Palin 2-Minute Hate. They seem to be holding a lot of those these days. If "Chris" is serious, he is expressing a depressingly common view among some whites. By "traitor," I think he clearly means a traitor to his race and class. "Chris" apparently is willing to openly express his racism on a public blog. That is a sad commentary on "Chris" and his ilk, not on Stanley or Barack Obama. The world is evolving beyond this type of retrograde bigotry, whether people like "Chris" want to face it or not.

    Thanks for your comment Aaron. Don't waste too much thought or energy on the "Chris"es of the world. Obama is going to win this election and those of us who want a better, more humane, tolerant and just society have a lot of work to do. Let's stay focused on that positive possibility.