Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is What Democracy Looks Like!

An estimated 100,000+ people turned out to see Barack Obama in St. Louis yesterday (photo below). Another 75,000 came to hear him in Kansas City the same day. That's a total of 175,000+ Obama supporters in Missouri in one day!

Don't let the desperate, condescending and elitist rantings of Republicans against democracy muddle your thinking or temper your enthusiasm in this election. We should all be proud of the incredible, historic grassroots support Obama is receiving. This is a sign of a much-needed reinvigoration of American democracy and citizenship. We need to keep that energy flowing through election day and BEYOND!

To that end, there are now only two weeks until election day. The polls are tightening a bit, as they usually do in the final stretch run. Don't get worried or negative. Get ACTIVE! Obama is still looking very good to win, but we should not be complacent. We should not underestimate the possibility that race is a shadowy obstacle in this election that might rear its ugly head on election day with a drop in support for Obama. We should not underestimate the various efforts Republicans are making to suppress Democratic votes among poor people and people of color. We have two recent elections (2000 and 2004) that should have taught us all we need to know about how serious and devastating these anti-democratic efforts can be. We cannot tolerate this agin in 2008. Obama needs to win big to put these types of efforts out of range. He also needs a large Democratic majority in Congress to pass his agenda; so work down ballot, too.

BE ACTIVE THESE LAST TWO WEEKS. Do something in your local community. If your community/state is all sewn up, travel to a nearby state for a few days to help out. Or, go to your local Obama headquarters and ask how you might get involved making calls to potential voters in important swing states. And, keep on talking about why you are supporting Obama to your friends and family, your neighbors and colleagues, and even strangers you meet along the way each day. Again, if you know people in swing states, TARGET THEM! They need to hear from you about why we all need Obama in the White House and why we cannot afford 4-8 years of McSame. And, finally, get active in your state's "get out the vote" effort for Obama and the Democrats. The outcome of the election hinges on Obama's ability to get his voters to the polls and to have their votes counted. If you can, offer to give people rides to the polls on November 4th. Take several of your friends and family to vote with you. Stand on a corner with an Obama sign! Do whatever you can...

On election day, if you notice any hijinx by Republicans around polling areas, notify election authorities. And, if you are voting on an electronic machine, MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE IS REGISTERED PROPERLY. There are already reports in a couple of states that electronic voting machines are switching Obama votes to McCain votes!

By positive. Be active. Let's bring home this victory. Our nation and our world needs us...

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