Friday, October 03, 2008

Trailer: "Jupiter's Dance"

This looks AWESOME:

Thanks to my buddy, Joey G, for turning me on to this film.


  1. You're gonna love it...

    Let me know if you find any word of the soundtrack, btw. I've found the DVD for sale online and saw a reference to a CD/DVD pack, but am not finding that anywhere...

    This was part of the music film "club" Chris B and I started. So far we've watched the Joy Division documentary, the
    Minutemen doc and this one. Any recommendations for things to add? I think concert films and maybe even fiction are in play, but we've done all documentaries so far...

  2. If you guys have not watched Wattstax, it is a MUST. Or, the Flaming Lips freak-out, Christmas on Mars, or something like that. Or, the conspiratorial, Stepping Red Razor X, on Peter Tosh's murder.