Sunday, April 27, 2008

James McMurtry, "Levelland"

We are driving back from Denver to Lincoln today, so I've got this James McMurtry song - "Levelland" - on my brain. I can't embed it, but you can click here to take a look at the video and have a listen.

If you don't know about McMurtry's music, you should check him out! He is the son of famed western author Larry "Lonesome Dove" McMurtry. James plays "roots rock" music with a working-class political edge. He has an uncanny ability to observe and comment on the part of the country I am living in these days... And he is awesome live, too.

This is an anti-war, anti-Bush/Cheney tune - "Cheney's Toy's" - from his most recent CD:

Here is McMurtry doing "We Can't Make It Here Anymore." If you like it acoustic:

If you like it electric:

Dig it. Stay conscious...


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