Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Music Plasma

Looking for some new music? Check out Music Plasma. Go here and type your favorite band or musician in the box. Click enter and watch it generate a graphic of that musician/band's universe...

You can also do it with movies.

It isn't perfect, but it is pretty fun to play with. It sometimes misses obvious connections and it would be even cooler if it could recommend specific albums or songs, but it is worth a look nonetheless.

Anyone know of other similar kinds of websites?


  1. If you haven't seen Last.fm yet, I highly recommend it. Last.FM tracks all of the music you listen to and lets you look at your weekly and overall top artists and songs. Additionally, it compares your listened music to other users and shows your compatibility and recommends similar artists to listen to.

    Perhaps the best part of Last.FM is you can stream a user's station and listen to their music. Beyond a user's station, you can type in a particular band or genre and stream a variety of similar artists. In my opinion, I think Last.FM is a hell of a lot more accurate than Pandora and and it allows you to skip songs as much as you want.

    Here's an example page.

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