Monday, April 14, 2008


I was recently turned on to a cool website, called Muxtape, where anyone can post a digital "mix tape" for the whole world to listen to. The site is purposefully low-tech and a bit random, but that is also part of its charm. It is a good way to get yourself introduced to some new music.

Check it out. Dig it.

Anyone have suggestions of other good music websites? Let us know in the comments section...

Spread the groove!


  1. Isn't muxtape just a less capable version of

  2. Anon. Thanks for the tip. I just poked around at imeem and it looks cool. It seemed highly organized. Were there mixes there that cross genres, like at muxtape? On a quick search, everything seemed organized by genre of music. I like that they also have art and videos, etc.

  3. is the greatest. It's primarily for those obsessed with keeping track of their listening habits. It keeps track of any music you listen to on your computer (itunes, wmp, etc) and it'll also scrobble songs when you sync your ipod. You can see what all of your friends have been listening to and meet people with great taste.

    A number of the history grads have accounts.