Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rumble in the Jungle

H+B Gallery out of Los Angeles has posted a collection of Howard L. Bingham's photos of the "Rumble in the Jungle," the epic 1974 boxing extravaganza in Zaire between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali.

To see the thrilling final round of the fight, including Ali's shocking knockout of Foreman, click here. To see the mayhem afterward as well as Ali's post-fight interview, click here. To see more footage and hear Norman Mailer's recollections and analysis of the fight, click here.

There is also an excellent documentary on the fight and surrounding craziness called "When We Were Kings." Here is what Salon had to say about the film. Here is a review of the soundtrack. It earned a 97% "fresh" rating over at Rotten Tomatoes... virtually unanimous critical opinion that the documentary is great.

I've selected some highlights from the Bingham collection and tried to post them chronologically, for the most part, so that they have a kind of loose narrative flow...

Here is the link to the H+B site... check out all the photos in the exhibit there.

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