Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Project for the Old American Century

As I've written several times before, I really like "political art," also known as propaganda. Good political art requires a certain kind of skill. Of course, it is usually heavy-handed, but when done well, it can also be very interesting and provocative.

I was reminded recently of this really good progressive propaganda website called The Project for the Old American Century. Here is their "Statement of Principals." In essence, the group is a reaction to the radical rightwing Project for a New American Century, which formulated the policy foundation for all the lunacy of the Bush years. The folks at The Project for the Old American Century are pissed about all this and are doing something creative about it.

The Project for the Old American Century has a fine collection of propaganda posters patterned on old war posters, advertisements, labor iconography and other government propaganda. They also have other resources at their website, like pamphlets, charts, documents, articles, and more, so I hope you'll click the link above and check it out further over there. In the meantime...

Here are a few of the posters that are critical of the Bush administration and their policies:

These fall under the "say it loud, I'm liberal and proud" category:

Uhhhh... this one sums up the Bush years pretty nicely, I think...

Do you know of any other good political art websites? If so, let me know. Leave a comment...


  1. I don't know much political art, but I have a few posters up in my room that I've collected over the years. Among them are:
    Disobey Bush (a parody of the popular Obey Giant!)

    And "Army of None" (Nic really liked this one)

  2. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for posting. That first one is very "Big Brother" and the kid in the second one looks like Alfred E. Neuman from MAD Magazine fame! Good stuff!

    Fight the Power!!!

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