Monday, February 18, 2008

Clinton Rep: Red-State Delegates = Second-Class Delegates

This from TPM:
A co-chairman of Hillary's Michigan campaign has a line that's sure to drive a whole bunch of red state governors up the wall:

"Superdelegates are not second-class delegates," says Joel Ferguson, who will be a superdelegate if Michigan is seated. "The real second-class delegates are the delegates that are picked in red-state caucuses that are never going to vote Democratic."

Uhhhhh... this probably isn't the best strategy to grow the party or to win in the Fall. And this politically savvy comment comes hot on the heels of another Clinton campaign representative calling those of us not in NY, CA, TX, IL, etc., "insignificant." The Clinton campaign probably shouldn't be giving folks more reasons to oppose them.

The arrogance and condescension, the political tone-deafness, the desperation, the... ooohh, whatever... forget it. This is getting ridiculous...

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