Friday, February 15, 2008

Nebraska Sudan Divestment Campaign

For those of you in Nebraska, a new group on the UNL campus has formed around the Darfur divestment issue... If you aren't in Nebraska, perhaps you could start one of these campaigns in your city.

Here is what the group has to say in a recent announcement:
The Nebraska Sudan divestment campaign is gaining momentum. This
Tuesday, February 19, B 992 will come before the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee. LB 992 would ensure that Nebraska is not investing in companies that are funding genocide in Sudan. This past month has shown us just how uncommitted the government of Sudan is to ending the genocide. Early this month, President Bashir appointed a key militia leader who helped orchestrate genocide in Darfur as a Senior Advisor on ETHNIC AFFAIRS. And if that's not shocking enough, last Friday, the government launched its largest offensive in months, attacking three Darfur villages and forcing 200,000 people out of their homes.

Let's keep up the pressure on Sudan. Please call these legislators and ask them to support and co-sponsor LB 992 to help end genocide. It's very important that they hear from YOU. If you've never contacted Nebraska legislators, make this your first time. They need to hear that we DO NOT support our state's investments in genocide.
(A script and sample email are provided below.)

Sen. John Synowiecki (District 7, Omaha)
(402) 471-2721

Senator Tom White (District 8, Omaha)
(402) 471-2722

Senator Philip Erdman (District 47, Bayard)
(402) 471-2616

Senator Lavon Heidemann (District 1, Elk Creek)
(402) 471-2733

Senator Russ Karpisek (District 32, Wilber)
(402) 471-2711

Senator LeRoy J. Louden (District 49, Ellsworth)
(402) 471-2725

22 states have already divested their funds from targeted companies operating in Sudan. This list of approximately 25 foreign companies have been found to be helping to fund the government of Sudan's genocidal campaign in Darfur.

Call your legislator today and demand that Nebraska not fund genocide.

Make sure to continue calling until the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee meets on February 19th in order to remind them to support the legislation!

I am a constituent calling to urge __________ to ensure that the investments of the state of Nebraska are genocide free by co-sponsoring LB 992. Twenty two states have passed policies of Sudan divestment, ensuring that they are not indirectly contributing to the ongoing genocide in Darfur which has killed over 200,000 people. Thank You.

Sample Email:
Dear Senator ___________,

As a constituent and Nebraskan, I am deeply troubled by the ongoing government-sponsored genocide currently being executed in Darfur, Sudan. For the first time in history, genocide has been officially declared while atrocities are still ongoing. The government of Sudan has systematically slaughtered non-Arab African populations in the country's Darfur region for over three years.

I find it deplorable that Nebraska's money is helping to fund the genocide in Sudan. I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor and support LB 992. These bills are "targeted Sudan divestment" legislation focusing only on foreign companies that have a business relationship with the government, impart minimal benefit to the country's underprivileged, and have failed to respond to attempts at shareholder engagement. Additionally, this critical legislation contains safeguards that project the state's pension funds and allow them to maintain their prudent investor responsibilities.

22 states have already passed or adopted policies of Sudan divestment. 15 of these states have passed the same language present in LB 992.

On New Year's Eve, President Bush signed the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act which authorizes states to adopt policies of targeted Sudan divestment. This law was passed unanimously. Given the Sudanese government's historical sensitivity to economic pressure and the ongoing genocide in Darfur, I urge you to co-sponsor LB 992!




Contact Your State Legislators Today! Email Steph Sutton or Sarah Beringer, Co-chairs of Divest Nebraska, with questions.

Here is a brief trailer for a film on Darfur:

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