Sunday, February 03, 2008

Historical Cost of Wars


World War II: $3.2 trillion
Iraq and Afghanistan To Date: $695.7 billion
Vietnam War: $670 billion
World War I: $364 billion
Korean War: $295 billion
Persian Gulf War: $94 billion
Civil War (both Union and Confederate costs): $81 billion
Spanish-American War: $7 billion
American Revolution: $4 billion
Mexican War: $2 billion
War of 1812: $1 billion

Source: Congressional Research Service and Office of Management and Budget data.

Some are already estimating that the true cost of Iraq and Afghanistan will be in the neighborhood of $2-3 trillion when all is said and done... uh, that is if it ever, in fact, gets DONE. Geesh!

How much health care could be provided with that money? How many schools could that build? How many scholarships could it provide? How much innovative environmental research could it seed? How many job training programs could it establish? How many affordable housing units could it generate? How many bridges and roads could that fix? How many community arts grants could it fund? How many daycare centers could that support?

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