Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh, Good Lord, Now What??!!?!?!??!

Oh, good lord. No one got any kind of advantage in the Democratic primaries on Super-Duper Tuesday. Now what?

Saturday: Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska
Sunday: Maine
Tuesday: Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia

Yo! If you are a Democrat in Nebraska, this Saturday is your chance to have your vote really count... because, let me tell you, it ain't gonna matter in the Fall!

Any ideas about how this thing ends?


  1. Extent of student support for Obama called atypical

    From the OWH--It appears Omaha native Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, who performed at MoveOn's 2004 tour with Michael Stipe & Bruce Springsteen, campaigned for Obama in Iowa, and is playing a rally show at Slowdown Thursday night, will also be at the Civic Thursday afternoon:

    "Oberst, 27, said he's heartened by Obama's campaign.

    He will play three or four songs at the candidate's rally Thursday at the Civic Auditorium. He also appeared with Obama, 46, during the Iowa caucuses.

    "To me, he represents actual change, not just the lesser of two evils," Oberst said. "A lot of people will talk about his age, his youth as a disadvantage. To me, I see that as one of his advantages."

    Oberst on Leno in May, 2005: When the President Talks to God

    On the atrocious Craig Furgeson show: Road to Joy
    And if you're not familiar with Bright Eyes:
    First Day of My Life [the recent posting of the Lips' video, Do You Realize?, made me think of this one; the video won an award from GLAAD]

    At the Bottom of Everything

  2. I'm confident that Obama will do well in the remaining primaries, although Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania might be more of a challenge.

    Of course this will drag out and remain fairly close (although Clinton's finances/incoming donations have trailed drastically to Obama's lately), but the eventual fight over Florida's 185 and Michigan's 156 delegates is going to get nasty.

    The seating of those states' delegates may ultimately decide the nomination.