Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary's Xerox Moment

Much hay has been made about Hillary Clinton's zinger-line in the Austin debate calling Obama's rhetoric a "xerox copy." It has been widely noted that the crowd roundly booed Clinton for this attack, but the more interesting and important dynamic has not been reported on as extensively: that wasn't Hillary's line. Clearly a speechwriter came up with it. Isn't it kind of weird to slam a guy for "plagiarism" with a line that is so clearly scripted it isn't even funny? See the irony here?

I'll also note the very ugly turn the Clinton campaign has taken since supposeduly playing nice the other night. Let me make it clear: that was all a part of the strategy. Show "nice Hillary" on the nationally televised debate, but keep on smearing and slamming, keep on with the negativity, the misrepresentation and the innuendo on the campaign trail. It is the Jekyll and Hyde approach. She essentially challenged Obama to a schoolyard fight in Ohio earlier today. It is very ugly and not very presidential. It is clearly the result of the desperate situation the campaign finds itself in, but it is no less unsavory. Shame on you, Mrs. Clinton.

And there is some bizarre psychological projection going on. Hillary charges Obama's campaign with Rovian tactics. Meanwhile, it has been her campaign that has engaged in the slimy stuff. These people really are lunatics...

As far as I am concerned, I hope Obama comes out with both barrels blazing in Ohio on Tuesday night. I had hopes that she might go quietly into the night, or at least have some class, but now her campaign needs to be put out of its misery before she takes the whole party with her. I will shed no tears on the day she is finally forced to eat that huge humble pie that is hurling her way...


  1. The biggest hypocrisy of all is that she totally xeroxed her final line in that debate from John Edwards.


  2. Yeah, and another section was pulled from a previous Bill speech...

    C'mon. This is a non-starter/desperation issue. All politicians borrow lines, have teams of speechwriters, etc.

    If I was Obama, I would simply say, "Yeah, Duval Patrick and I are both a part of a new generation of black leadership. We share a vision and we share many experiences as younger black candidates for office in the U.S. We share the good things and we share the struggles that come with that reality. We talk about those experiences, we support each other, and we share strategy. It is as simple as that. I make no apologies because there is nothing to apologize for. This is simply another in what is now a long string of negative misrepresentations from my opponent who, it is now clear, is increasingly desperate because she has run an inept campaign, spending nearly $4M on a campaign advisor who has been wrong at every turn, $93,000 at a deli in western Iowa, and on and on. If Hillary cannot manage her own campaign - the largest executive/managerial job she has had to date - how can we expect that she will manage the country?"

    Thank you and good night. We will see you at the inaugural ball in early '09...