Friday, February 01, 2008

More Endorsements for Obama...

They are coming fast and furious today:

- California SEIU, with roughly 650,000 members! This is big...

- California's United Healthcare Workers union, with 150,000 members. They are affiliated with SEIU.

- Following Edwards's exit a few days ago, the members of (3.2 million strong!) have overwhelmingly endorsed Barack. This might be meaningful on Tuesday, as MoveOn has a massive email list and a proven ability to mobilize its troops.

- A number of prominent Latino leaders in California have recently endorsed Obama. Here is a video about it:

- Paul Volker, respected former Fed Chief under Carter and Reagan. This one will matter to financial heads and give some gravitas to the junior senator from Illinois.

- Alma Rangel, wife of Charles Rangel, senior African American congressman from NY. Charles already endorsed Hillary, so I bet dinner is fun in the Rangel household.

- The members of Color of Change have also endorsed Obama, with 70% support! Color of Change began after Katrina. It is a multicultural progressive organizing site, along the lines of MoveOn.

- Oh, yeah, and as I already reported yesterday, Hulk Hogan is on the bandwagon... and Jimmy Carter got as close to an endorsement as he ever has a few days ago.

- And everyone on the planet knows Caroline, Ted and Patrick Kennedy endorsed Obama...

Of course, the two biggest prizes remain unclaimed in the endorsement race: John Edwards and Al Gore

C'mon, guys! Time is wasting. It is now or never. Have some backbone and make a stand. I fear Gore has always been too willy-nilly to actually take a serious stand. He does not seem to have the stomach for politics anymore and appears to be enjoying his celebrity. I also wonder if Edwards might hold off in order to best position himself for a post in the administration of whichever candidate ultimately comes out on top. If so, that would be a very weak maneuvering for a guy that spent the last many moons telling us he was a warrior and such...

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