Sunday, February 03, 2008

The History of the Telestrator!

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, here is a brief video exploring the history of the greatest football invention of all time: the telestrator!

Go.... uh... ummmmmm... awwwwww, who cares. I don't like either of these two teams.


  1. Here's an e-mail notice from Saddle-Creek Records' Slowdown venue--

    [Thursday February 7th- Barack Obama Rally, Featuring- Bright Eyes, M.Ward, Jim Ward (of Sparta) & Secret Life of Sparrows- FREE (see details above)]

    "...Secondly, big news! Bright Eyes and M.Ward will be joining Jim Ward (of Sparta) & Secret Life of Sparrows on Thursday Feb 7.

    This is a rally in support of Barack Obama.

    The tickets are FREE, and here is the scoop on acquiring a ticket:

    Tickets will be given away starting tomorrow Feb 5 at 4:30pm at Slowdown. You must come down in person. Must be over 18 years of age and register to vote, or sign a pledge card for Barack Obama.
    There is a limit of 2 tickets per person.

    Please note, we are giving away more tickets than Slowdown can hold to make sure the event is full.
    Getting a ticket does not secure admission, you should still show up before doors at 7pm on Thursday to make sure you get in!

    Hope this answers all you questions, and seriously, how great is this!!

    Happy Super Tuesday

    The Slowdown"