Monday, February 25, 2008

More on the Communist Plot (aka Obama campaign)

Lunacy reigns supreme across the political landscape. The National Review has come out into the open with their racism. Check this beauty out:

Lisa Schiffren, "Obama's Political Roots"

Dag, it is hard to know where to start given the amount of total BS in this piece. Jews are a separate "race," apparently to Shiffren. She has no idea how Obama's parents met, but then goes on to wildly speculate about it. She relies primarily on anecdotal evidence from her youth in NYC, but doesn't understand that Hawaii is a little different political milieux. I'm sure that was a representative sample, too. And most ridiculously, perhaps, she claims that inter-racial marriage wasn't an issue in the U.S. until the late-60s. And I could go on and on and on...

Her key point is to suggest that Obama is the spawn of a Communist plot to make biracial children. Now, 40-some years later, it is all finally coming to sinister fruition. (cue creepy, maniacal laughing) Of course, this dot connects to the other red-baiting: his commie mentor and father figure; his visit to former SDS radicals in the 1990s; etc...

Those other right-wingers had it wrong apparently. Obama isn't a stealth Muslim candidate... He is a stealth Commie!

Sheesh! What the heck has happened to standards in journalism. This is pathetic. Don't they vet this crap before publishing it? Don't answer that...

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