Friday, February 01, 2008

The Greatest Drummer in the World: Animal!

Kermit interviews Animal:

Drum Battle: Harry Belafonte vs. Animal

Animal Goes Country: "Denim Blue"

Animal vs. Rita Moreno ("Fever")

Drum Battle: Buddy Rich vs. Animal


  1. I cannot agree that that's Animal in the "Denim Blue" video. Maybe his brother or something.

  2. Yeah, you are probably right. I thought the same thing, but they had it listed in the Animal section of videos. I didn't look into it...

  3. Joe,

    I did poke a round a little bit more and everything I find claims it is Animal.

    For instance, "Former drummer "ANIMAL" switches to guitar, performing Licks Off Of Records with the group Denim Blue. ( Ted Benson, Becky Smith, Bob Rouse, and Mark Simms)."